This Friday, as a school, we participated in a day of fasting so that we could appreciate how much we have at school and at home. Throughout the school we have been looking at people in parts of Africa, who are not as fortunate as we are, but still appreciate everything they have. Svondo, a child from Zimbabwe, was a brilliant example of a young child who was grateful for everything he had, even though he was not as lucky as us. In these parts of the world, children are not as fortunate to have access to footballs; some make them from paper and cello tape!
To raise awareness and money for people and families like Svondo, footballs were not allowed at break times today. Instead, we created our own to teach us to appreciate how much we actually have and to put us in the shows of others.
As a school, we have gathered to pray and to understand that through Lent we give up things, not only because Jesus made sacrifices, but also because by giving things up , we can make a difference by donating the money we save, to people and charities who need it. Thank you for all of your generosity with your donations for Family Fast Day – we have raised an amazing £277 which will help so many families around the world.