Altered Reality at Inspire2Learn

We spent time learning and exploring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. During the morning we worked as a co-ordinated team to create a new settlement on a new planet far in the future. We decided on individual tasks and using Minecraft Education Edition, created and then presented our new world. We then explored Virutal Reality using Google Expeditions, Oculus Go and the HTC Vive kit. We spent time under the sea on a shipwreck, in a prehistoric world and visited Mount Everest and the Great Pyramids in Egypt. We discovered the importance of such environments in real world applications as well as the fun gaming side and understood how important virtualisation is and will be in the future, in our lives and future careers.



Animex Animation Workshop with the University of Teesside

Children visited the University of Teesside to take part in an Animexperience workshop, part of the Annual International Animex Festival of animation and computer games. Working with game animators, we discovered how animated movies and characters from cartoons and computer games are created. We created a story board, built a set, characters and props, recorded sound effects and used stop motion animation techniques to produce our own film. The completed films will be premiered at a special screening during the Animex Festival in May, which be attended by International animators and speakers, potentially from Disney, Dreamworks, Epic, Guerrilla Games and Microsoft Rare.