Class 11

Hello and a warm welcome to you from Class 11.

Our class teacher is Mr O’Donnell and our teaching assistant is Mrs Horner.

They have already said that they have been very impressed with us and that they are really looking forward to helping us to learn this year.

We are very excited about the year ahead: it will be challenging; a lot of fun and hopefully a year that we will never forget – particularly since this will be our last year at St Patrick’s!

Being in the top class – Year 6 – brings about lots of responsibilities; we are all prefects and have lots of duties to fulfil throughout the week. Looking after the younger children in the school is something we particularly enjoy doing – we realise that our good behaviour and example is so important.

If you want to find out what we will be learning about each term you will find really useful information on our curriculum newsletters. They will be on our school website too.

If you ever have any questions about what is going on at school or in Class 11 simply call in and speak to Mr O’Donnell or Mrs Horner – they would love to be able to help answer your questions.

God Bless. From all of us in Class 11!



Mr O’Donnell  – Teacher


Mrs Horner

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We are children of God – Listening to God’s word.

We always find time to listen to the word of God, his message of love is so important…


We love to read stories but we also love to hear them too…

Chris Connaughton came in to tell us a Sherlock Holmes story. He was brilliant – he took on lots of different characters and brought all of them to life. Storytelling is a great skill.


We can keep safe…

It is important that we learn how to keep ourselves and others safe and know what to do if we don’t feel safe. We went to the “Crucial Crew” event where we learned how to keep safe in our homes and in the street. We learned what to do if there was a fire in our homes, about electricity dangers, carbon monoxide poisoning and firework safety. We have also learned how to use our bikes safely on the road as well as keeping ourselves safe in water!


We pray for others…

We prayed for the brave men and women that gave their lives for us. This included a Liturgy in school and a parade to the Thornaby Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. There was also a visit to the Airman’s statue and a service to remember the RAF servicemen and women that fought in the Battle of Britain. We will remember them…


We remember our brave soldiers…

On Sunday 11th November it was the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Thornaby. We marched to the Cenotaph for a service of remembrance, at which prayers were said and hymns were sung to remember those that had sadly lost their lives in war.

It was lovely to have so many of our children taking part and remembering the brave soldiers that gave their lives for us.

The entrance to the Cenotaph has an arch with the words, ‘Lest we forget’. The children of St Patrick’s will always remember our town’s brave soldiers…


We are Historians…

This November Year 6 visited York for a fun filled and action-packed day. At the Castle Museum the children visited the World War 1 exhibition; learning a lot about the war. Life in the trenches was tough!

A walk down the Victorian street was another highlight; it really felt like you had gone back in time.

In the afternoon all the children headed to York Dungeons for ‘Horrible History’ style tales about York and it’s gruesome past. Lots of fascinating stories about Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and the plague were told, with a few scares and surprises.

The trip ended with a trip to McDonald’s followed by Evening Prayer in York Minster. The Minster was majestic inside and out and we were made to feel most welcome. A wonderful day was had by all.


We enjoy learning about other languages…

Celebration of European Languages Day

St Patrick’s celebrated European Languages Day in style as children spent a day learning a European language for the day. They dressed up in traditional costume or colours of European flags –even faces were painted with colours of Europe! Parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles were also invited to this ever popular St. Patrick’s Continental Café, where the year six children greeted, cleaned, served and waited on people within the community. Brunch consisted of delicacies such as croissants, Belgian waffles, brioche rolls and much more. The year six children practised their French whilst having an important role to play so that the café ran smoothly. The day proved to be a great success yet again and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed their language learning experience!  Fantastique!

We also learned a little Italian and Polish before enjoying an Italian Banquet in class.


We understand how to keep safe on the road…

Year 6 took part in the Stockton Road Safety Quiz again this year and, although we didn’t make the final, one of our classmates was top scorer in the whole of Stockton, scoring full marks!


We care about our planet and we are great at art…

We learned about the endangered animals on our planet and wrote some poetry encouraging everyone to look after them. We also made animal heads from papier mache. WOW!


Our Christmas party 2018…

Before our party we had a short liturgy for the homeless, we thought about how lucky we were and said prayers for those less fortunate than us. We also raised some money so they could have a nice meal this Christmas…

After our Liturgy it was time to eat and dance…


We are Scientists…

Investigating our Digestive system…

Investigating bird beaks as part of our Evolution and Inheritance topic. Have you ever wondered why birds have different beaks? We investigated scoop beaks, strong jaw beaks and long pointed beaks to see which type was the best for eating ‘fish’, ‘worms’ and ‘insects’. We had lots of fun finding out.


We investigate and draw conclusions…

We made our own ‘blood’ using a variety of ingredients. We used water, orange juice, polos, cheerios soaked in red food colouring and mini white marsh mallows to represent… water, saliva, plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets!