Class 12

A warm welcome to Class 12!

We have an exciting and new curriculum in Year 6 with daily Mathematics and English lessons and interesting topics to make our curriculum exciting. Our aim in Year 6 is to continue to make the curriculum fun, practical and relevant for every child. The year will end in statutory tests in reading, writing, grammar and mathematics. We will ensure your child is fully prepared whilst continuing to make learning engaging and relevant. On a personal and social level, we encourage pupils to start taking more responsibility for their own learning and to grow in confidence, independence, problem solving and personal organisation. We encourage them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens – in partnership with you as parents. We endeavour to ensure that the children have a positive and successful last year at St.Patrick’s to prepare them for Secondary School. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Ryan and Mrs Duffie

Mrs Ryan – Teacher

Mrs Duffie – Teaching Assistant

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Look at St. Patrick’s Year 6 children!
We look so smart!

Called To Serve

During Advent, class 12 planned to do something to give back to their community. They decided to plan and prepare a talent show and perform it at Meadowfield House. They also baked cakes for the residents. They thoroughly enjoyed giving up their own time in order to bring joy (and cake) to others.

Meadowfield House – Called to Serve

It was a very cold, wet and windy walk down Thorntree Road – but it was worth it!

The residents were very excited to see  us! We performed comedy sketches, we sang, we choreographed a gymnastics routine and told jokes – then all ate home-made cakes which we had baked! The planning, practising and preparation was definitely worth it!


Advent Reflections

Each week during Advent,  the children and class chaplains plan and prepare a collective worship and reflect on something which is meaningful to us. This week the children wanted to focus on ‘Hope’ and we remembered those who are no longer with us. We prayed for members of our families and remember our friend, lovely Mrs Staley.

Happy Birthday Boys! Bon Anniversaire!

Thank you for the amazing cake – it was delicious!


Papier Mache Endangered Species

Class 12 carried out some research into which animals are endangered. They designed models using paper, PVA glue, paste, perseverance and patience. By observing frontal and profile images, they were able to create 3D models which they can’t wait to put on display!




RE – Advent Art Work

Children looked at scripture and reflected on the meaning of the Gospel in order to create these images using pastels. They used symbolism and could explain what the symbols represent and how they linked to Advent.


York Castle Museum

The children had an incredible day at York Castle Museum. They experienced what life was like in the trenches, whilst having the opportunity to look at secondary and primary sources such as medals, gas masks, uniform and many, many more …

They weren’t too enthusiastic about the Victorian classroom!


York Dungeons

A spine-chilling time was had by all in the York Dungeons – will we get out alive?


Poetry Writing – Endangered Species

Children entered a World Wildlife Fund competition about animals which are at risk of becoming extinct. They were very passionate about trying to persuade people to do what they can to protect them and to try and stop habitat loss, deforestation, climate change and river pollution.  St. Patrick’s certainly have talented, creative children!

The Centenary of World War 1

Children showed how they have not forgotten those who gave their lives by writing poetry, designing their own memorial gardens and attending the memorial service.

Celebration of European Languages Day 2019

Year 6 children are looking forward to St. Patrick’s Celebration of European Languages Day 2018. We have been creating our very own placemats to use in the Continental Café.

Year 6 children worked hard at St. Patrick’s Continental Café cleaning, washing-up, greeting, waiting on their customers… as well as speaking French!

They took customers orders from croissants, pains au chocolat, brioche rolls, Belgian waffles, jus d’orange, thé, café, et chocolat chaud! Parents , grandparents, aunties uncles, brothers and sisters were invited to spend some time experiencing a taste of Europe, with their family. After their hard work, year 6 then took a break to enjoy the delicious delicacies … they deserved it! Fantastique les enfants!


In RE we have learnt how we know that God is a ‘Loving God’.

We looked at Rembrandt’s painting of the Prodigal Son and understand what unconditional love is.

Look at our writing.

World War One

Some children have made trenches to display in class.  They have been very creative… pipe cleaners, shoe boxes, lolly sticks… you name it – they’ve used it!

And there’s more…

Selling eggs – freshly laid today! Only £1 for half a dozen! Everyone’s eggcited – such a bargain!

Children led a beautiful liturgy honouring Our Lady in the month of October.

We reflected on the qualities which our mother’s bring to us and mothers who are no longer with us.

Candle Prayer

In our RE books, we have dedicated the work which we do to someone we love.

The Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi

Children led a beautiful collective worship, remembering the importance of peace and reflecting on the image. God’s light shines through bringing goodness, even when we are in the darkness and have turned away from God’s light. We feel stronger when we are united and support each other. Peace is contagious.

World Peace Day

Children reflected on those who are less fortunate than us and how we can help those in need.

Class 12 Stay and Pray

Parents and family were invited to a liturgy which was led by the children.

Christ is our Light

Song Writing with Joe and Helen Hammill from Cattle and Cane

We had an amazing morning with Joe and Helen song writing about Forgiveness.

The Asrai – Creative Writing

Children performed a role play to help them when writing speech. They produced narratives creating atmosphere and portraying characters.

Phase Liturgy

Reflecting on why we are special and how we should use our talents as Jesus would want us to.

Celebrating our Talents

These girls have demonstrated ‘Joy’ and ‘Patience’ by using their talents. Amazing medals – what great achievements!

Crucial Crew

Year 6 children were given crucial advice on how to stay safe.  The police, fire brigade, Northern Electric and RNLI advised them what they should do in an emergency and how to prevent accidents.