Class 12

A warm welcome to Class 12!

We have an exciting and new curriculum in Year 6 with daily Mathematics and English lessons and interesting topics to make our curriculum exciting. Our aim in Year 6 is to continue to make the curriculum fun, practical and relevant for every child. The year will end in statutory tests in reading, writing, grammar and mathematics. We will ensure your child is fully prepared whilst continuing to make learning engaging and relevant. On a personal and social level, we encourage pupils to start taking more responsibility for their own learning and to grow in confidence, independence, problem solving and personal organisation. We encourage them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens – in partnership with you as parents. We endeavour to ensure that the children have a positive and successful last year at St.Patrick’s to prepare them for Secondary School. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Ryan and Mrs Duffie

Mrs Ryan – Teacher

Mrs Duffie – Teaching Assistant

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SATs Week

We are all enjoying breakfast club during SATs week. We even managed to eat ‘Al Fresco’ when the sun was shining.

Our wonderful cook treated us to sausage and bacon buns on the last day of our tests. A positive start to the day!


A treat for the end of the week

One of our Year 6 parents kindly brought in some four-week-old chicks.

A lovely surprise for all of their hard-work this week.


Lenten Reflection

Year 6 children planned and lead a meaningful liturgy, which reminded us that during Lent, we should ‘Pray, Fast and Give’. By fasting, we can contribute to giving to those in need. Thank you, boys for leading a beautiful liturgy.




We are Mathematicians!

Volume of a 3D Shape – Children used rulers, formulas and thinking skills to calculate the volume of boxes which had been brought in from home.




Our Very Own Jack-in-the-Box

They got more than they bargained for with this box!



In science, we are learning about electricity and the different components which make up a circuit. They are currently working very hard. You must all be positively charged!




We are Mountain Experts!

We are studying mountains in geography. Some children have decided to create their own at home. Their design and technology skills have peaked! Amazing!


Preparing for the Coming of Jesus

We pray and reflect on what we can do to be closer to Jesus during Advent.

Children lead us in prayer as we think about those people who are less fortunate than us as we light the ‘Hope’ candle on the Advent Wreath.



See Christ in Others; be Christ for Others

Christ aux Milles Visages – Christ with a Thousand Faces
Class 12 children reflected on how we can be Christ for others. By reflecting on how we see Christ in each of the children in our class, we recognised how it creates peace and how we are the eyes, ears, feet and hands of Jesus. We adapted this image to show that we are Christ for others. Can you spot any year 6 children?


We are Linguists

We now understand what ‘syntax’ is. In French we are learning how to say what people are wearing using colours as adjectives. We have been using first person to describe different celebrities and making sure our word order is accurate. Fantastique, les enfants!


Making Christmas Calendars

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Have a lovely time with your families and friends.


We are Designers

Class 12 was transformed into a ‘Slippers Workshop’ as children designed slippers in Design and Technology. By using templates to specific sizes, they cut, pinned, threaded, stitched, stuffed and decorated slippers to be proud of!

They demonstrated patience, perseverance and pride to create personalised slippers as gifts for friends and family. Well done Year 6!


Party Time

Class 12 enjoyed playing Christmas party games. The Maltesers game was the best.(The girls won!)


The Road Safety Finals

Practising for the Road Safety quiz – Children help each other by presenting powerpoints to the class which they have prepared at home. A creative way of learning about how to stay safe on the roads. Briliiant! Well done children!


Science Investigation

Class 12 are learning about adaptation in science. We carried out an investigation into how birds’ beaks have adapted over time to increase their chance of survival. By using various equipment such as pegs, toothpicks and spoons, we discovered how different shapes of beaks are more likely to pick up certain types of food.


We can keep safe…

It is important that we learn how to keep ourselves and others safe and know what to do if we don’t feel safe. We went to the “Crucial Crew” event where we learned how to keep safe in our homes and in the street. We learned what to do if there was a fire in our homes, about electricity dangers, carbon monoxide poisoning and firework safety. We have also learned how to use our bikes safely on the road as well as keeping ourselves safe in water!



We pray for others…

We prayed for the brave men and women that gave their lives for us. This included a Liturgy in school and a parade to the Thornaby Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday. There was also a visit to the Airman’s statue and a service to remember the RAF servicemen and women that fought in the Battle of Britain. We will remember them…



We care for others…

‘Forget Me Not Trail’ – A walk for World Alzheimer’s Day and to celebrate Older People’s Day.
On Sunday 1st October, a large group of children (including many of Year 6), parents, grandparents and teachers from St Patrick’s joined with Cleveland Alzheimer’s Society for a special walk to raise awareness for those people that are learning how to live with dementia. With the rain just being held at bay the walkers set off from the Tees Barrage on a circular route that progressed along the River Tees, over Infinity Bridge and back along the river.


Crossing Millennium Bridge in Stockton…

At the end of the walk the children enjoyed a mini picnic by the barrage; a well-deserved drink of juice and a packet of crisps.
A lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.


We remember our brave soldiers…

On Sunday 12th November it was the Remembrance Sunday Parade in Thornaby. We marched to the Cenotaph for a service of remembrance,
at which prayers were said and hymns were sung to remember those that had sadly lost their lives in war.
It was lovely to have so many of our children taking part and remembering the brave soldiers that gave their lives for us.

The entrance to the Cenotaph has an arch with the words, ‘Lest we forget’. The children of St Patrick’s will always remember our town’s brave soldiers…


We are Historians…

This November Year 6 visited York for a fun filled and action-packed day. At the Castle Museum the children visited the World War 1 exhibition; learning a lot about the war. Life in the trenches was tough! A walk down the Victorian street was another highlight; it really felt like you had gone back in time.

In the afternoon, all the children headed to York Dungeons for ‘Horrible History’ style tales about York and it’s gruesome past. Lots of fascinating stories about Guy Fawkes, Dick Turpin and the plague were told, with a few scares and surprises.

The trip ended with a trip to McDonald’s followed by Evening Prayer in York Minster. The Minster was majestic inside and out and we were made to feel most welcome. A wonderful day was had by all.


Studying World War One

A beautiful memorial garden to remember those who have died in the war. Very creative!

More home-made trenches. Well done girls! The boys have got competition now!


Singing along with John Burland

Our visitor came all the ways from Australia. We sang, danced and thoroughly enjoyed raising the roof!


Goodbye Father Michael

A special mass for a special priest. Thank you for everything Father Michael and good luck in your new parish in Northallerton.


St. John’s Ambulance

We have been taught life-saving first-aid techniques: how to put someone in the recovery position; what to do if someone has a severe bleed; how to apply a bandage; how to communicate with a casualty; what to do if someone is choking. Thank you Eric!

Our Celebration of European Languages Day

We learnt about different European countries whilst practising our French. Our families were invited into ‘St. Patrick’s Continental Café’ to taste the continental delicacies which were on offer!

We practised our ‘waitress’ and ‘waitressing’ skills as we served customers from our community. We even enjoyed cleaning up after them! Fantastique!



Don’t we look smart with our new uniforms on?!

Working Outdoors

Making the most of the September sunshine


‘Patreggs’ for Sale – Eggcellent value! 50p for a half dozen!


World Peace Day 21st September 2017

Praying for peace for those less fortunate than ourselves and showing gratitude for what we have.

Another WW1 Home-Made Trench

Very creative – Lolly sticks and tea bags were used to make this trench. Brilliant!


Morelife – Encouraging Healthy Eating and Lifestyle

The ‘taste-test’ – Sampling foods whilst being blindfolded. Delicious!


We are Historians – Studying World War One

We have been applying our design and technology skills to make home-made trenches



Being creative with shoe boxes, springs, toy soldiers, tissue, expandable foam and more, we thoroughly enjoyed constructing World War One trenches.

Genuine First World War One Artefacts

Thank you for showing the class your Great Grandad’s World War One Certificate and medals. You must be so proud of him!



Making a First World War Trench Cake


We loved tasting the cake which one of the children had made at home! Delicious!

How to bake a First World War trench cake

Trench cake includes no eggs and has more familiar cake ingredients replaced with vinegar, milk and margarine

During the First World War people in Britain would bake and post a fruit cake to loved ones on the front line. Some traditional cake ingredients were hard to come by.

There are no eggs in this recipe and vinegar was used to react with the baking soda to help the cake rise.


1/2lb flour

4 oz margarine

1 teaspoon vinegar

1/4 pint of milk

3 oz brown sugar

3 oz cleaned currants

2 teaspoons cocoa

1/2 teaspoon baking soda



grated lemon rind


Grease a cake tin. Rub margarine into the flour in a basin. Add the dry ingredients. Mix well. Add the soda dissolved in vinegar and milk. Beat well. Turn into the tin. Bake in a moderate oven for about two hours.

Visiting the Fatima Statue and the relics of St. Jacinta and St. Francisco at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

We bumped into an ex-pupil of St. Patrick’s Primary School who said how proud she was to be part of our school community.


Experiencing a Day in Secondary School at St. Patrick’s  Catholic College

Working with micro-bits in I.T.


Loving the science lab… and the lunch!



We are Designers

Class 12 was transformed into a ‘Slippers Workshop’ as children designed slippers in Design and Technology. By using templates to specific sizes, they cut, pinned, threaded, stitched, stuffed and decorated slippers to be proud of!  They demonstrated patience, perseverance and pride to create personalised slippers as gifts for friends and family. Well done Year 6!

IMG_0022   IMG_0024

IMG_0025   IMG_0027

IMG_0029   IMG_0030

IMG_0034   IMG_0036

We are Competitors

Congratulations to the Year 6 boys who were group winners at the MFC Foundation Tournament. Well done! Looking forward to competing at Rockcliffe Park.


We Listen to Stories

Chris Connaughton, the actor and storyteller, tells the Sherlock Holmes story of ‘The Blue Carbuncle’ to the Year 5 and  6 Children.


We are Hard-Workers

Some children are awarded the ‘Consistency Achievement Award’ for their determination, diligence and self-motivation. They are looking forward to spending their vouchers.

Well done and well-deserved!

Image-1  IMG_0259

We Can Pray…

School can be quite hectic and busy so it is important that we find the time to sit and be still. We plan and prepare our own liturgies in Year 6 so that we can become closer to God and one another. We have also been finding out about different sacraments and how we are all called to love and serve one another.

IMG_0155  IMG_0156

  IMG_0154  Annes Christmas card


We are Historians…

We have travelled back in time to 1914 and the beginning of World War 1. We have discovered what life was like in the trenches and found out about some of our local soldiers from Thornaby. We visited trenches at The Castle Museum in York and were enlisted into the Army with Lieutenant John Wood from the Yorkshire Regiment. We also found out about different periods of history on a Ghost Walk.

  Image-1  Image-1

St. Patrick’s Continental Cafe

Preparing for European Languages Day – Year 6 children design their own French placemats so they can celebrate in style. Tres bien!


European Languages Day

Year 6 children greeted, served, waited on and cleaned as they invited parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters into St Patrick’s Continental Cafe. Well done Year 6! You did a great job of serving your community! Fantastique!

CuvUFGvWIAEOgBq European lang day
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We are Readers…

With the help of  the Stockton Book Festival, some Year 6 children are keen to write their opinions and ideas on various books and authors.
Their ideas will contribute towards the ‘2017 Book of the Year’ competition.


We are Writers…

We have the opportunity to write different genres. So far, we have written stories, reports and biographies. Take a look of some of our work.

writers1   writers2
writers3 writers4

We are Mathematicians

A busy start to the new Year 6 Curriculum! From problem solving to fractions and percentages. It’s not as difficult as we first thought!

maths1   maths2

We are Scientists…

As Year 6 scientists, we have been finding out about The Body. We have studied the digestive system and ‘waste matter’. It was great fun… although a little smelly!


The Boro’s New Signing


Congratulations Shea on signing up for MFC.

World Book Day 2016

For world book day, Class 1 and 12 went on an exciting journey to the ‘Isle of blow-yer-nose’. The children from Class 12 read the story Jack  and the Flum-Flum Tree by Julia Donaldson. They then created lots of fun activities for the children in Class 1 to enjoy. The children went on a treasure hunt, acted out the story, completed puzzles and much more! Both the Year 6 and Reception children had a fantastic morning. A big thank you to the Year 6 children who worked so hard creating such wonderful activities!


We Can Keep Safe…

It is important that we learn how to keep ourselves and others safe and know what to do if we don’t feel safe. We went to the “Crucial Crew” event where we learned about what to if there was a fire in our homes, electricity dangers, carbon monoxide poisoning and firework safety. We also learned how to use our bikes safely on the road as well as keeping ourselves safe in water.

safe1   safe2
safe3    safe4

We Can Keep Active…

Keeping fit is important and having a healthy lifestyle is important. We love our PE lessons and learn how to play different sports as well as looking after our bodies. At Thornaby Pool, we swam our through awards as well as learning about keeping ourselves safe in water.

active1   active2
active3   active4

We are Musicians…

In Music we have been exploring different percussion instruments from around the world. We have been practising performing together and keeping in time with each other.

music3   music2

We are Engineers

In Maths and Computing ,we used Maths in Motion software to create the fastest racing car. This was an exciting, competitive and fun Challenge for everyone. We enjoyed the thrills and spills of high speed motor racing and raced against drivers from all over the world. We got to design and set up our own virtual racing car using a mixture of basic maths skills and personal decision making. The rules were easy… get our maths right, make the correct decisions and we stood a chance of winning a race… get our maths wrong and we ran the risk of crashing our car, blowing up the engine or not even make it to the starting line!



IMG_0408   IMG_0404