Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

In Class 6, we have a mixture of Year 2 and 3 children. Our teacher is Miss Degnan and our teaching assistants are Mrs Godwin, Mrs Barber and Miss McGee.

We are looking forward to an exciting year, throughout which we are going to be learning about a variety of amazing topics! We have created our own class rules and will continue to show the Fruits of the Spirit as we learn and play with our classmates.

As we are now in year 2 and 3, we are trying to become more independent learners. To do this, we try our best in every lesson and try to remember all our belongings (including our school bags and PE kits). We love to share our achievements with our parents and carers through our weekly certificates, stickers, house points, webpage and twitter posts.


Our PE lessons take place every Tuesday and Thursday, however PE sessions may sometimes change, so please ensure PE kits are brought to school on a Monday and kept in school until Friday, before being taken home at the weekend.


Our homework will focus on 3 priorities: reading, spelling and times tables practise.

Reading – Ideally, we would like children to read with an adult for 10 minutes every night, however we appreciate that this is not always possible. On these occasions, children may read to themselves and write their own comment using the sentence starters found in their reading records.

Times Tables and Spellings – Children will be given the relevant homework for their current year group. Children should write out their spellings and times tables three times a week to practise. Please see your child’s homework books for more details.

Our Class 6 newsletter contains more details on the interesting things we will be focusing on each term. If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask Miss Degnan.

Thank you for visiting our Class page and God Bless!


Miss Degnan – Class Teacher

Mrs Godwin – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Barber – Teaching Assistant

Miss McGee – Teaching Assistant



We are Writers!

This year we will be looking at a range of writing styles, authors and genres.  So far we have written about a range of genres including: imaginary worlds, poetry, information texts and stories with alternative endings. We have put some of our best examples on twitter, but here are a few snippets!


We are Historians!

Class 6 and 7 became archaeologists for the day during their visit to Durham University’s Oriental Museum. The children explored the museum’s gallery and with help from the museum’s team learned about the many artefacts in the collection. They handled 4,000 year old artefacts (extremely carefully!) and worked with their friends to work out what each item was and how it was used. The children’s highlight was looking at two mummies in the museum. Their curiosity was clear to see and the staff at the museum were amazed by their thoughtful and inquisitive questions. We ended the day by learning about how people were mummified in Ancient Egypt and one of our (un)lucky students was chosen to demonstrate, but thankfully we all made it back to St. Patrick’s.


We are Scientists!

This term, we are going to be learning all about Animals, including humans in our science lessons. We will be learning all about the different skeleton types and the reasons why animals need skeletons. We can also label some of the bones in the human skeleton.

We have also learnt many interesting facts about rocks and practised our sorting and grouping skills. We made some dinosaur fossils to help us describe the process. Here are some photos:

We have also learnt about forces and magnets to ‘Hot Wheels’ solve a problem with their new race track. We investigated different ways to make the car move without contact. Here are some photos of our investigations:


We love exercise!

This term, we will be learning all about invasion games and learning gymnastics with Glen. We have been learning to create more complicated sequences, which include forward and backward rolls, tuck and star jumps and even cartwheels! Here are some photos:

We have been learning about invasion games with Mr. Hopson. We have been developing strategies to attack and defend as well as learning the rules of tag rugby.


We are learning about our Catholic faith!

In Autumn term, we learnt about God’s vision for every family. We have been thinking about God’s creation and how He made each of us and gave us special talents.

We have also learnt about promises. We have acted out a baptism and learnt about the different signs and symbols used during the sacrament.

During our Books and Thanksgiving topics, we have been learning about different responses used during mass and the special books and prayers that are used.

This year, we will begin planning and delivering our own liturgies. We are excited to share our ‘Stay and Pray’ class liturgy with our families as they come to worship with us.


We are Artists!

This term our topic is painting. In our first art topic, we have studied the work of local artist, Aaminah Snowdon. We have looked at lots of her artwork and chosen our favourite animal paintings. We have learnt how to sketch the animals and recreate them using water colour pencils. We learnt how to blend colours to make new colours and make our paintings more realistic. Here are some of our final pieces:


We are Designers!

We have been designing and making a variety of products! This term, our topic is healthy snacks. We have researched, designed, made and evaluated our sandwiches using different healthy ingredients. We have tried some healthy foods and thought about how to make our packed lunches healthier.


We are preparing for our First Holy Communion!

This year, our Year 3 children will begin preparing for their First Holy Communion. Our programme has already begun, so please refer to letters in your child’s reading packet for meetings with Catechists.


We are Mathematicians!

Throughout this year, we will be exploring all areas of maths! Keep checking our twitter page for some photos of our investigations.


We are Dementia Friendly!

Our School is working alongside Dementia Awareness to become a Dementia Friendly school. Throughout the year, we will be taking part in activities to help this. In previous years, some of our children attended a Walk of Remembrance to help support people with Dementia. Can you think of a fundraising idea?


We Will Remember

Some of our children have been remembering the brave people who have died in wars protecting our country. We remembered brave men and women, who served in the Royal Air Force, by laying a wreath at the Airman’s statue. Last year, we also remembered fallen soldiers by attending a Remembrance service at the Cenotaph in Thornaby Pleasure Gardens. We prayed for all those affected by wars around the world in our class liturgies. We also celebrated the life of Emma, a parent who sadly passed away. We will think of Emma when we see the beautiful daffodils bloom, which were planted in her memory.



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