Class 7

Welcome to Class 7 – Live Life to the Full!

In Class 7, we are all in Year 3. Year 3 is the start of Key Stage 2!

This year is a very important year for us, as many of us will be making our First Holy Communion or receiving a special blessing!

As with every year, we will be striving to do our best, as we work and play throughout the school day and we will always be guided by God.

PE takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, however PE sessions may sometimes change, so please ensure PE kits are brought to school on a Monday and kept in school until Friday, before being taken home at the weekend.

Art lessons will take place every week and we would ask that you bring in an old t-shirt to be used during these sessions. This can be left in school.

Our Class 7 newsletter gives details on the interesting things we will be focusing on each term. If you have any questions, or ideas please come and talk to one of us at the end of the school day. Many thanks for your support.

God bless,

Mrs Sims

Miss Fallows




We have been busy sorting out our Class Representatives. Everyone has different talents and it was so hard to work out who would do what. Our Class Reps will be taking all our wonderful ideas to share with the other reps. They will be bringing back ideas from different classes. They will be extremely busy, but we know they are ready for the responsibility.





Father in heaven I give you today,

All that I think or do or say,

My ears to hear, my eyes to see,

My hands, my feet and all of me…



God is good and provides for us all. We just have to learn how to share it our equally. During Harvest, we helped to keep all of those people who need our prayers in our hearts. We did the work of our Lord as we shared out the goodness that we have been given.



During the Autumn Term we have been learning about the Romans. Having learnt about some key events we tried to order these events on a timeline.

We have been learning about Roman Gods and Goddesses and we dressed Ruby up as a Roman Goddess and Junior up as a Roman God. After that, we used similes to describe them.

It was hard to stop laughing and actually do our work! But eventually we produced some lovely descriptions.



John Burland came to school and taught us a number of his songs. We thoroughly enjoyed his interactive concert and still use his songs during our collective times of worship.




During European languages day, we found out about Italy and learnt how to speak a little Italian. Here we are in the colours of the Italian flag. We also indulged in Italian ice cream.


Wonderful Writers!

This year we are learning to read through our work and edit it. It is hard work but it is really helping us. We are beginning to see what we are doing brilliantly and what we need to get even better at!


Work Hard, Play Hard!!

We work very hard in all subjects and so we deserve to play hard too.

It is lucky that we all enjoy each other’s company!



We look after each other enjoying the happy times and making sure that everyone has a friend through sad times



We work together,
We play together,
We laugh together,
We pray together,
We help each other,
To be our best,
We are God’s children,
We are blessed!


Design and Technology

We have been designing and making sandwiches this week. We chose which bread we wanted to use and decided on what we wanted to put inside. Together we have thought about healthy choices. We had fun creating our designs although we found cutting cheese very difficult!!

Hopefully, we will all be trying out some of our healthy sandwiches at home!



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