Class 8

Welcome to Class 8. We are a class of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Our teacher is Mr Scott and our teaching assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Hammill. In our class we love learning new things! We like to impress our teachers by trying our best and by being independent learners. Our teachers encourage us to grow in confidence by completing tasks independently and take more responsibility for our work.

We have to use all the skills we have learnt and practised in previous Classes to help us in our work now.

We have lots of wonderful things planned this year so please keep checking our website and newsletters to find out more.

God Bless.

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mr scott

             Mr Scott – Teacher


Animex Animation Workshop

Children from Class 8 and KS2 took part in the Animex Animation Workshop with the University of Teesside. We planned story boards, built sets and character models and used computers, cameras and sound recording equipment to create stop-motion animation.



We are enjoying using Scratch and Minecraft for Education to create code for animations, to be linked with the Augmented reality app, HP reveal. We are also enjoying Appsmashing using different apps such as Doink Greenscreen, stop-motion and IMovie to create animations.


QR Codes and Book Reviews

We have been writing book reviews to link to QR codes to include on books in the class library. We have also linked videos to the app, HP Reveal, so that we can watch our reviews appearing on our class displays.


Website Building

We are using to design and build a website. We are using persuasive writing to write a ‘business story’ for our website, making links with the Global Goals. Our website design and business story will be judged by children at Christ the King RC Primary School. They will have to give reasons for which website they would like to visit and buy products or services from.


Kano computers

We have successfully built new Kano computers and we will be using them to create code for Minecraft and our own versions of the arcade games Ping Pong and Snake. We will also be using Sonic Pi to create code, to produce our own music. Using Raspberry Pi we will program a weather station and program cameras to monitor habitats in the school grounds, our class pets and the school chickens.


We are also learning to code using Scratch software, Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms and VEX Robotics.


Green Power Racing

We have now started to build a Formula Goblin kit car which will be used to race against other teams at Croft Race Circuit and in other racing competitions across the country. We will be designing a logo for our team and we will be planning and developing ways of improving the car to make it faster during races. Perhaps we will find our own Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton too!


ESERO Tim Peake Project with the University of York

We have teamed up with the University of York and an ESERO Space Ambassador, Jenny Harvey to develop and complete the ESERO Tim Peake Project, to develop our understanding of our Solar System and future space exploration. We will be downloading examples of our work to the STEM website and celebrate our understanding by applying for the ESERO Space Education Quality Mark for our school.


Top of the Pops!

Using iPads and Garageband, we have been sampling, composing and mixing musical pieces. We created music of various genres such as pop and rock and also created music to create different atmospheres, such as suspense and horror.


As well as using digital instruments on the iPads, we also have opportunities in Class 8 to play a brass instrument, a wind instrument, the guitar with Joe Hammil from the band Cattle and Cane and to sing in the choir with Mrs Simms.

QR Codes

We have been learning how to create VR codes. We created codes for text and websites, which we could then use as research for our topic on the Romans and as book reviews for our class library. We then used Showbie to send our codes to Mr Scott.


European Languages

Each week in Class 8, we learn how to speak, read and write French with Mrs Ryan. During European Languages Day, we also researched the country of Norway. It was really interesting learning about the country, how the school day is different to ours and wearing real Reindeer fur.


Grand Designs

As part of our learning in Geography, we have also started to design buildings using 2D and 3D images developing our understanding of how to read accurately; maps, aerial views and satellite imagery.


Map Skills

We have been studying maps and aerial photographs discovering our local area and identifying where we live. We used Ipads with Google Maps and the app, Explain Everything to research and present our findings.


We have also been using scales and satellite images to calculate changes in landscapes and environments. We looked at how climate change has caused glaciers to retreat and also how the growth of the city of Las Vegas has changed the surrounding landscape.


Green Screen

We love to use the green screen app, Doink in Class 8. We have travelled along the digestive system in Science, met the BFG during Roald Dahl Day, entered new worlds after walking through the Magic Mirror and travelled up through the clouds visiting the planet of Pandora.


French Scheme of Work Overview 2016/17

Year A Class 8 /9

Year 4/ 5

(Some Topics are repeated from Years 1 and 2

but are taught at a higher level.)

How old are you? : Quel âge as-tu? J’ai … ans.

Where do you live? Où habites-tu?

Colours : Les Couleurs

The Face: Le Visage

The Body: Le Corps

The Monster: The Monster

Days of the week : Les Jours de la Semaine

Months of the year: Les Mois de l’Année

Numbers 21 – 40 : Les Numeros

Food and Drink – La Nourriture (Café Role Play)

Family: La Famille

L’Alphabet Français : Dictionary Work


17th November 2015

Rocket Science

We have been chosen as one of the schools to take part in the science experiment, Rocket Science with the European Space Agency and the RHS. Currently, the British astronaut, Tim Peak is at the Space Station and has taken seeds with him. He is researching the impact of space and zero gravity on seeds, hoping to discover how successful growing plants and food in space will be, so that people can one day live on the Moon or Mars. In April 2016, we will receive some of these seeds from space to grow and monitor and compare with seeds which have stayed on earth. The results will then be sent to scientists at the Space Station who will publish their findings.

Hopefully, we may even have a chance to organise a web chat to speak to the astronaut, Tim Peak about his mission via a web chat.


Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

On Tuesday 10th November 2015, we had a visit from Google. We took part in their Expeditions Pioneer Program using virtual reality viewers. We went on expeditions under the sea to places such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Caribbean. We explored Roman ruins in Rome, caves in Slovakia and the rainforest of Borneo, looking at animal adaptation. We also visited the towering heights of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the worlds’ tallest building and took a walk on the moon. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to use Google Expeditions as it had only been used previously in a few other schools around the world and the apps are only going to be available in January 2016. We all had a great time visiting places we would not normally get to go on a school trip.


VEX Robotics Workshop

On Friday 6th November 2015, children from Key Stage 2 went to the VEX Robotics Workshop to learn about engineering and coding. We spent time writing code to program robots and then test, debug and improve our code to program the robots to use on tracks against other schools. We also used robots in a robot football competition, which we won. We all had great fun and learnt a lot about how engineering is involved in many things we do each day.


Inspire2learn Computing Challenge

On the 5th November 2015, Class 8 took part in the Computing Challenge Day. The challenge was to use computing to create and present a piece on someone who has inspired the world. We decided to research and create a presentation about St Maximilian Kolbe, the Jewish priest who gave up his life at Auschwitz concentration camp, to save the life of another prisoner. We decided to use iPads and Appsmashing to create our presentation, using the following apps: Explain Everything, Tellagami Edu, Morpho, Lifecards and Skitch.


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