Class 9

Welcome to Class 9

We are a class of Year 4 and 5 children. Our teacher is Miss Dowson and our teaching assistant is Miss Oliver.

In our class we love learning new things! We like to impress our teachers by trying our best and by being independent learners. Our teachers encourage us to grow in confidence by completing tasks independently and take more responsibility for our work.

We have lots of wonderful things planned this year so please keep checking our website and newsletters to find out more.

God Bless.
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Miss Dowson – Teacher



Miss Oliver


We are Scientists

Class 9 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in a science experiment where they looked at the effects of water and whether some changes were reversible or irreversible.

Song Writing

Joe Hammill from Cattle and Cane came in to class 9 to help us create a song about following in Jesus’ footsteps. The children helped create the lyrics and then recorded the song. This song is used in masses and assemblies.
The children also sang footprints in the sand for their family at our class liturgy.


European Languages Day

The children in class 9 became Greek for the day! Class 9 discovered how lots of words we use in the English language have come from Greek words. They also tried some Greek food including feta cheese and tzatziki. The children really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to learning about the Ancient Greeks in our history topic.


Danelaw Viking Museum

Our Year 4&5 pupils visited the Danelaw Living history museum in York. Arriving as new settlers, the children were given simple period costume and taken to their new homes on the dark-age settlement where they experienced first-hand the daily life of a Viking family. This brought to life our history topic on the Vikings in Britain. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning a range of skills ranging from clay pottery making, storytelling and training to become a Viking guard.

Danelaw Visit


Stay and Pray

Class 9 children invited their family and friends to join them in a special liturgy. The children created their own bidding prayers and led the liturgy.




The RSPB ( Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), represenatives came in to show Class 9 how to help to feed the birds and wildlife in winter.

We used lard, muesli and seeds mixed it altogether in a large bowl,

Then, we placed a hole very carefully in an empty washed yogurt pot and threaded some string through, tying a knot at the end so the string was secure.

Next, we put the mixture into the yogurt pot and waited overnight for the mixture to set.

Finally, the next day the mixture was set and we were able to take them home to hang from trees to help the wildlife and birds in our local community.

Although we did get a bit sticky and our hands were quite waxy (even after we washed them), we had a fantastic time and learnt a lot.


Scrooge with Chris Cannaughton

Chris Cannaughton (author and actor) came in to do his own adaptation of the Christmas story Scrooge. We listened, cheered and some of us even got a little scared and jumped out of our seats with all the amazing expression and voices Chris could do! We all enjoyed his story telling and look forward to him coming in again with a different story to tell.


World Book Day

Classes 9 and 4 worked with each other for World Book Day. We looked at The Twits by Roald Dahl. The children created their own Twits by using spaghetti, biscuits and lots of sticky glue! The children then created their own description of the Twits with some fantastic children in class 4 using similes and alliteration! Class 9 helped class 4 with any spellings or description they needed. On the afternoon, the children shared their descriptions and then created a trap to catch the Twits! Both classes had an excellent day and worked really well together! Well done classes 4 and 9.

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