A Year in the Life of

A Year in the life of St Patrick’s Thornaby

The next Olympic Swimming Champ! Well done Jack! – 23/11/17


Liverpool here we come. – 23/11/17

Mr.Wilson was in school today to speak with the children about how they feel safe in school – 22/11/17

The boys showing off their football skills! – 17/11/17

The girls team trying their best at their first football match! Come on st Patrick’s!! – 17/11/17

Class 5 have spent today designing our own ‘pop art’ cross. – 17/11/17

Unbelievable generosity from you all yet again! a fantastic £425.52p raised for Children In Need. Thank you! – 17/11/17

Masterpiece in the making! It’s Art Week and Class 4 are having a fabulous time learning about American artist Georgia O’Keefe. We’re using pencil, paint and chalk pastels and our first try was some super-colourful versions of the famous ‘Evening Star’. – 17/11/17

Class 10 making bird cakes today with the RSPB – 16/11/17

Guess who is the big 50 today? Happy birthday Mr.Ryan- enjoy the celebrations 16.11.2017

Year 6 children have been creating and presenting PowerPoints on road safety. Well done!


Class 6 are really enjoying their art lessons this week! We have been learning how blend colours. 14.10.2017

Our Time of Remembrance together this afternoon – 10.11.2017

Christmas magic – 10.11.2017

We enjoyed our maths lesson today with some children from Christ the King- thank you Mr.Foster! – 08.11/2017

Matilda using her reading book to draw Manga characters at home. Absolutely fantastic detail! Well done Matilda. 7.11.2017

Class 10 enjoying their chess challenge today! Check mate! 3.11.2017

Class 3 welcomed Mary Grace into God’s family this morning. 03.11.2017

Class 7 enjoyed a wonderful reenactment of a baptism-congratulations to the parents and Godparents and welcome little one into God’s family! 2.11.2017

Class 3 celebrated All Saints Day with a liturgy, and we prayed to the saints for all our loved ones in heaven. 01/11/2017

A lovely All Saint’s Day celebrated with children and parishioners at Christ the King today. Well done to our wonderful choir!!! 01/11/2017

Thank you to Mrs.Din for coming into school to talk to us about the Sahara Kenya Project! 31.10.2017

Farewell to The Robson Family- good luck on your new travels and thank you for our goodies!!! – 20/10/2017

Huge thanks to our families who generously gave food to our Harvest Festival.Thanks to Mary Frankland she made sure those who need it get it 19.10.2017

Happy Diwali to our Hindu community!!! 19.10.2017

Class 8 looked at real reindeer fur and a wooden hunters cup from Norway. 19.10.2017

Class 9 loved learning how to count in Greek and trying feta cheese and olives! 19.10.2017

Practising the perfect rugby stance

We have one budding photographer in our school! Well Done J for getting your work published in the Gazette! 12.10.2017

 Science – Doing star jumps and sit-ups in science to investigate the effects of exercise on our pulse rates. 11.10.2017
A beautiful Autumn walk for Class 3 today. 09.10.2017
Studying World War One – a creative and thoughtful way of remembering those who died in the war. Well done! 6.10.2017
The choir with the Pearl of Africa choir this afternoon! We learnt a great dance and a beautiful song. 4.10.2017
Class 4 have been thinking about their worries.Using Jigsaw Jo they were able to say their worry, the balloon was the worry,which flew away 4.10.2017
Farewell to a true man of God! Thank you Fr.Michael and good luck in your new parish! Slainte!
Well done girls! The boys have got competition. Tea-bags for sand-bags and papier mache for the trench-brilliant idea! 3.10.207
Congratulations to all of the children who have completed the Summer Reading Challenge at Thornaby library. Well done! 2.10.2017