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Key People


Teachers Teaching Assistants
Head Teacher Mr M Ryan
Deputy Head Teacher Mr J Conwell
Assistant Head Teachers Miss S Hobson
Mr K O’Donnell
Foundation Stage Leader Mrs Kennedy
Nursery Mrs L Kennedy
Mrs Horsman
Miss G Matthews
Miss N Thompson
Mrs E Cassidy
Class 1 Miss R Newby Mrs J Mordey
Mrs K Jackson
Class 2 Miss H Ward Mrs J McNamee
Class 3 Miss S Hobson Mrs H Presgrave
Class 4 Mrs L Holtby Mrs D Duffie

Miss E Wardell

Class 5 Mrs C Sims Miss L Fallows
Class 6 Mr A Barber Miss Oliver
Class 7 Miss R Degnan Miss M McGee
Class 8 Mr A Scott Mrs K Wray
Class 9 Mr M Sherrington Mrs K McCabe
Mrs J Godwin
Mrs L Hammill
Class 10 Mr M Kendal Mrs A Staley
Class 11 Mr K O’Donnell Miss W Quigley

Mrs E Barber

Class 12 Mr J Conwell Mrs D Horner

Mrs T Ryan

PPA Mrs J Colley
School Business Manager Mrs L Crooks
Office Administrator Mrs V Williams
Office support Mrs V Bell
Safeguarding and Well-Being Manager Ms K Berry-Cramer