Last Sunday, 10th September, a large group of pupils, parents, grandparents and staff attended a service to remember the brave RAF servicemen that gave their lives for our country in the Second World War.

The service was held at the RAF pilot statue on Thornaby Road at 12.30pm and was attended by members of the public, ex-servicemen, local dignitaries such as the Mayor of Stockton and pupils from our school!

The children from St Patrick’s were very respectful and joined in all the prayers and hymns. At the end of the service two of our pupils laid a wreath made from poppies at the foot of the statue.

The service was very moving and poignant – a particular highlight was the playing of ‘The Last Post’ and the subsequent silence in honour of the brave men that had died in the war.

The children and staff at St Patrick’s appreciate the sacrifices that many men made for us. We will remember them…in our prayers.