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We are part of the Foundation Stage. Our teachers are Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Horsman and our Nursery Nurses are Mrs Cassidy, Mrs McNamee, Miss Matthews and Mrs McCabe. In our Nursery we love learning new things! We love to get busy in the different areas of learning. We are happy in our Nursery and we are all good friends! We like to impress our teachers by trying our best and by being independent learners. We have lots of nice things planned this year so please keep checking our website and newsletters to find out more. Thank you for visiting our page.

Mrs Kennedy




Mrs Kennedy – Teacher

Mrs Cassidy Nursery




Mrs Cassidy – Teaching Assistant




Miss Matthews – Teaching Assistant



Mrs Horsman

Mrs McNamee




Mrs McCabe

Nursery Information

Shape Dragons
Castles and Dragons
Enjoying Role Play
Baptism celebration
A cold and frosty morning
Heavy and light
Christmas Storyteller
Heavy or Light
Season of Autumn
Autumn Potions

Foundation Stage Curriculum Overview 2018-19
European Language Day
People Who Help Us – Fire Fighters
Physical Development
People Who Help Us – Dental Health
Outdoor Fun in Nursery
Nursery Celebrated Harvest Festival
Number of the Week
Music in Nursery
God Knows I Am Special
Collective Worship
Tasting Tuesday


Nursery Newsletters

Welcome Back – January 2019
Weekly Newsletter – 14th January 2019