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Ofsted quotes

St Patrick’s Primary School ensures its pupils achieve outstandingly well. Excellent progress and very high levels of personal development and well-being lie at the heart of the exceptionally inclusive education the school provides.

The school works tirelessly to provide very high levels of pastoral care and to give pupils a very rich experience. Extensive partnerships with parents, the church, local services, heritage and outdoor centres and with schools abroad make a huge contribution to community life.

An exciting curriculum contributes substantially to the pupils’ excellent levels of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Assemblies and dedicated weeks, such as in the arts, science and enterprise, and residential visits to outdoor centres and venues in Europe play a key part in enhancing learning and developing a sense of awe and wonder.

Pupils are considerate and polite in and out of lessons and closely follow well organised routines. They thoroughly enjoy coming to school and work hard. They develop very positive attitudes and show confidence, maturity and respect for others.

Pupils willingly support charitable work to help worthy causes both locally and farther away. The ‘One World’ initiative and studies of their own community, other countries and of other faiths reflects their good awareness of life locally and of global perspectives. Together these aspects represent an outstanding contribution to community cohesion.

Pupils’ advanced social development, experience of enterprise, strong basic skills and links with local secondary schools prepare them really well for their future.


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