St Therese of Lisieux


Mr Ryan and Ms Cramer are the Designated Child Protection members of staff and all teaching and support staff have had regular Child Protection Awareness training, the most training was

Definition of Safeguarding

The School mirrors Ofsted (2015) in its recognition of the definition of the term ‘Safeguarding’ used in the Children Act 2004. In summary this is:

  • protecting children from maltreatment;
  • preventing impairment of children’s health or development;
  • ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and
  • undertaking that role as to enable those children to have optimum life chances and to enter adulthood successfully.

For full details of the school’s commitment please refer to the Safeguarding Statement and the Safeguarding Policy held on the school website by accessing the links.

All relevant polices can be found on the school’s website by accessing this link: school policies.