Video Gallery

Class 1 – Posting a letter This movie was made over the course of a week, working for an hour or so a day with the children. Writing and posting letters had been a topic they had already covered in class, so making a film of the process was a good way of rounding off their project. We had a rough storyboard that we used in terms of the content but the script was made up on the spot by the children, who decided between themselves what to say. The film was great fun to make and the children, some of whom had been previously very shy of speaking out loud, learnt a great deal from the experience.


Class 7 – Floods News
This film was made just shortly after the country had suffered terrible floods and the children were working on the topic of writing for news, and creating their own newspaper. The floods were the obvious choice of subject and Class 7 took making this movie very seriously, writing the scripts, choosing presenters and locations and bringing the whole thing together as a local news programme. Also dealing with problem solving, just how do you replicate a weather forecast on a class whiteboard?


Class 8 – The Robot and the Bluebird
This film is the most ambitious piece of animation any class has undertaken. When Mr. Kendal suggested his class bring the famous children’s book to life, it was agreed it would be a big task. Class 8 certainly rose to the challenge and many hours of intensive work went into the movie’s making. From storyboarding the text, to creating the cardboard characters and backgrounds, to recording the narration and finally choosing the music. A huge amount of work but a fabulous learning experience for the children and, I think you will agree, a breath taking piece of animation.


Class 3 – Road safety movie
Class 3 had been writing instructions as their topic and this is only one of the movies made with them. This one covers the very important subject of crossing the road safely. Well wrapped, a group from the class braved it onto the quiet streets at the rear of the school, they had prepared a storyboard and a script and produced a great little movie that explains in an entertaining and informative style the correct way to look after yourself on the roads.


World Book Day
A short movie which captures the great fun that was had on World Book Day, which took place in March. Each child, and some adults, dressing as a favourite character from a book. The effort that went into some of the costumes is amazing and a memorable was had by all.