Song Writing with Joe

We were pleased to welcome ex-pupil Joe Hammill into school this week. Since leaving St. Patrick’s, Joe has found great success, along with his brothers and sister in local band, Cattle & Cane. Joe is the song writing talent behind the band, and also the son of our very own Mrs. Hamill.

Joe spent the day with Class 12 writing a fabulous song based on a psalm. The pupils adapted the words and composed the melody – with a little help from Joe. The finished song was performed in front of the whole school and was a tremendous success.

We all really look forward to Joe working with the other classes during this term and if the songs to come are anywhere as fantastic as Class 11’s, we should have a Christmas number one album on our hands!

Joe 5

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Listen to this beautiful song sung by some of our choir children celebrating being “Children of God”.