St Aidans

A warm welcome to St.Aidan’s house. In our house we try to look for God living in everyone and everything just like St.Aidan did when he was alive. He was a special man that did special things to help the poor. Aidan was born in Ireland but did God’s work in the North of England in Lindifarne. He was a humble man, who was greatly loved and respected and was the kind of person anyone would love to call “friend”. In St.Aidan’s house we try to be a “friend” to everyone.

St.Aidan’s Prayer

O loving God, who called your servant Aidan to deliver the Christian message in northern England, and gave him the gifts of gentleness, simplicity, and strength: Grant that we, following his example, may use what you have given us for the relief of human need, and tell people about the Good News of your son Jesus Christ; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


mr o

Mr.O’Donnell is head of house.