St Dominics

Welcome to St.Dominic’s house. St.Dominic was a priest and good man who lived in Spain. He set up a group of priests     (The Dominican Fathers) who helped and educated poor children to give them better opportunities in life. In St.Dominic’s house, we try to help others so that they can live life to the full and have good opportunities. This is why we particularly support the Sahara Kenyan Project who help young children in Kenya to have a good start in life.

St. Dominic’s Prayer

God of Truth you gave your church a new light in the life and teaching of Father Dominic.

Give us the help we need to support and help others.

Help us to open our eyes so that we can see those in need and act justly like St. Dominic did.

Mr Conwell Class 12

Mr.Conwell is head of house.